Article by Catharina Anastaia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

New names? Why do you use Catharina Anastasia Romanova van Oranje-Nassau? Some of you asked me recently why I changing my names once again. Well it is quite the story to tell. So I decided to write this blog about the real reason. And the real reason is my journey to the past of my soul. A past of which some of you will be sceptic or even it will make you think I am crazy. And at the same time, it could be that it will shine a bit of light in your heart, so it will start your own journey. Or maybe you already know about your own soul past and you will find some comfort in what you will read. For some of you it will be an acknowlegdement that what you see, feel or hear is a normal reality. And maybe you just think it is a good story about somebody healing her own heart and finding the love of her life. Whatever you all may think. It is my truth, my inspiration about the world and my guidance for the rest of my life. And the reason of my new names. – Catharina Anastaia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

Once upon a december…

On the 8th of December 2018, in Paris, my journey to the past started.  How co-incidental you might think that my journey started right there. It is almost like that musical made about Anastasia. Well, it did start kind of there, and at the same time it didn’t start there. Actually, it started on Christmas eve of 2017.

For the first time in fifteen years I took a holiday. A holiday of what appeared later to become three holidays to the Caribbean island Curacao. Curacao was formally a Portuguese colony and means in Portuguese ‘heart’. I had so much lovely memories about the island of my holiday in 2005. It was my first own paid holiday ever. From the first money I earned, I bought a ticket and went to see my sister on her internship. There I had my first spiritual experience. When we went off the airplane just after we landed, I was standing on the top of the stairs and for the first time in this life, I felt home. Looking back, maybe this was one of my first conscious spiritual experiences. I couldn’t put words on it back then.   During this new holiday the change to become more conscious about the world started here again. In Curacao my journey started and Paris I would find the key to my heart again.

“I stood on the stairs of the airplane and felt: I am home. This was my first spiritual experience”.

Catharina anastasiaromanov van oranje-nassaU


The first two weeks I just slept a lot, rented a mountain bike and started to cycle around the Island. In 2005 I also bought a lot of clothes there, which I wore for a long time. And therefor I went shopping again. On the 3rd of januari 2019, I met this lovely spiritual lady. She is now my one of my best friends, Bernadette de Jong. She has a very nice (web)store called Affaire de Femme.

Her little boutique is filled with this beautifull designer clothes, like Anne Fontaine.  I really like the clothes, so I bought them. And every time, I went there and bought some new clothes. Two beautifull jackets, 17th looking blouses, dresses and nice trousers. Later we would say that she dressed me like who I deeply are. Catharina Anastaia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

During our first encouterment we went for dinner afterwards. She said to me: you will soon meet somebody who will rock your heart. I feel it and i know for sure. I was a bit amuzed by her very free spiritual style of life, but didn’t take it seriously. What I didn’t realized back then, but what I know now, is that it would be truly an affair the femme what was about to come. 

Affaire de femmes

So indeed on the 24th of February of 2018, (I realized later that is was exactly 101 years after the Russian Revolution started), I met a girl that right away I felt very close to. She called herself Maria on tinder. We spend a weekend together and shared life experiences, and how to deal about us both dealing with our addiction. I got to know that she was in trouble, just married and that she had the feeling that she had the feeling she let down her irmãzinha, her sister Olga. We spend a day and night talking and sharing music. The next day we walked towards my car, and she said while grabbing my hand: “I really want to keep in contact because I now know that I finally met my twinsister”. Catharina Anastaia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

She stroked my heart deeply by these words. So much that I became completely confused in the days after we said goodbye. My whole life seemed to be completely upside down. I wanted to put this encounter behind me. Somehow I didn’t trust her at all and at the same time with all my heart, I was worried as hell about her. She had suicidal thoughts and didn’t respond anymore. So, at the Thursday after we met, I decided to write her husband where she married with a few months before. I just wanted to know if she arrived back safely at home the past monday.

“We played several songs on Spotify. I shared with her my favorite song:  We’ll meet again of Vera Lyn. Oh my god, I was so naieve”.

Catharina anastasiaromanov van oranje-nassau


And all of the sudden on the 3rd of March 2018 (exactly the day and time that the last Czar abdicated 101 years ago), I was sitting next to this friend Alexander, when she called all of the sudden. I was completely surprised by it.  So, I honestly told her what happened. And that really separated us. This meant the end you would say… Well hell no. It was the start of an affaire de femmes.

She became directly very competitive and pulled me down by all of her own means. But still being unconsciously, my peace just lasted for another nine months. Then we became into close competition beating each other with messages via Instagram that nobody else really could understand. Most of my closest friends didn’t believe me at first. Later on they did when the whole story came appearant.

Princess of the people

In the months after the 8th December of 2018, I started to realize that in the last year, around me all these kinds of people came into my life that remembered me of my family back then. One represented my father in the life of Anastasia, His name was Alexander, looked exactly like the last Czar. Maybe you remember that it was him that was sitten next to me when all of this happened. One day he became so outraged, when I incorrectly said that he was called Alexander back then. He told me over and over again, the name was Nikolas.

He had a business partner who was called Michael. Just like the brother of last Czar. Also there was a person besides me who looks even like Alexi. In the time I started my journey he also started his journey. He was falling in love with a girlfriend in the same time that was called Alexandra which had a sister called Tatiana. And I met her, Maria and she had a sister called Olga. So, I had them all around me: my whole family of that life. Or at least that is what the universe showed me.

And like the two sisters Maria and Anastasia shared a room in that life, with a big record player in the midst of it. They play music together and kept journals in which they put in hints that nobody else really understood. Moreover since 2016 I started to become more and more interested with pixies (fairies). I started to have pixie clothes, watched pixie movies and even bought two pixies statutes that stand on a bedside table now. Just like I did in that life. I was even called pixie by my family.

But the universe didn’t tell me it in only that way. Sometimes I met, and still meet people that know about the past of my soul, without even spending a word with me on it. Let me give an example. In the weekend of 21rst to 25th of February 2019, I was in Portugal. First, I was in Lisbon, the place where I live right now.  At the first night of my arrival I booked a room “Love houses Lisboa” in Lisbon in Principe Reaal, which means the royal prince.

“She shouted: That is a beautifull jacket. (..) Yesss: of a Princess of the People”Catharina anastasiaromanov van oranje-nassau


That night I had dinner in a restaurant and walked down the stairs on Rua do Duque, When all of the sudden a lady shouted to me: “That is a beautiful jacket”. My reponse: “yes it is!” And she: “Yesssss, of a Princess of the People”. I stop walking, turned around and hold my hands up in the sky. And she approached me: “Honey, you should be proud of it. Not everybody can say this”. “It is so difficult”, I said. She continued “you will make it. You have a strong soul. Always had, always will have. You will make it.”.

Months later when I again was in that same street. I went to her and said I wanted to eat something. She arranged that I had a beautiful spot on the window in the restaurant looking along the street. At a certain moment I noticed that the personnel treated me a bit different. Almost acting like servants. So, I asked her: did you say that I am a princess? And she knotted her head. “Omg, you didn’t have to do that”. She smiled: “of course I needed to do that”. Also I had another question: “how did you know about my soulpast?” And she ticked her ears. I said: “Ah, the spirits told you”. “Yes”. “Wow. What did they tell you?” She answered: “She is the princess Anastasia; she is the Princess of the People”. I was flabbergasted. I could not bring out a word anymore.

And this wasn’t the first time or the last time that that happened. Now and then, it happens again. Mostly on moments that it really isn’t expected by me. And sometimes now I can start helping other people with it, like the next example. 

In the beginning of March, I was visiting London for just another part of my soul history. On Sunday the 17th of march, I visited the Tower of London. While waiting in a bookstore before the start of my tour around the tower, I heard a girl saying to her friend: “I was part of this”, while she was pointing out to some old books. And her friend answered: “No, you were not”. She repeated: “I was really part of this all”. Her friend denied it again.Catharina Anastaia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

My heart was really deeply touched by this scene. Therefore, I intervened: “Excuse me, I picked up the words you two exchanged. What do you mean by you being part of it?” And she told me what she was and which period of time. I realized we must have met then. So I said to her: “Nice to meet you again”, and to the other one: “Yes, she was definitely part of it”. It was so amazing to see how I could make somebody smile so much and at the same time the other girl being so flabbergasted. I hope that I have the possibility to help much more people around the world to become their true self one day. Showing in all aspects who they truly are.

“I saw places and buildings, I saw never before. The summerpalace on the Crimea, a little village nearby Moskov, and unfortunately also the end”Catharina anastasiaRomanov van Oranje-nassau

At a certain moment, I wanted to know for sure why this all came on my path. So, on the fourth of April of 2019, I did a soul regression in which I directly went back to this life. During this regression I remembered places and buildings in Petersburg, a little village near Moskov and the summerpalace on the Crimea. All of these places I saw never before. Afterwards, I looked them up on google, it stroked me that I saw all of them in detail. I remembered a few of things that happened at the start of the Russian Revolution and about the murder and the death of me and my family in 1918 in Yekaterinburg. That last event, kept me awake  night after night. I dreamed about it over and over gain. Remembering the horrifying images of the murder and me being thrown into a ditch. It made me cry everytime.

In the weekend after the soul regression I decided to visit the hermitage in Amsterdam to understand a bit about this world where I was once part of. In the bookstore I bought a book about the Romanovs. In the garden of the museum, while drinking a cup of tea and having a small piece of cake, I wanted to know if the murder was also in there. I look up the pages and started to read. I was shocked. Into detail there was written down what I have seen in the regression and in my dreams. It made my life completely turned 180 degrees. I felt nautious. My stomach was turned upside down. I got the book, went outside and ran towards the canal to throw up. A bit disoriented, I walked to a little bench near the Stopera and sat down. Then the tears came again. Not only these images what I saw was real, I could read about it.

On the 9th of april 2019 I went to a healer who helped me to remove my curse. This curse was very intense. The healer tested how long it would take before it would be removed from the system. 6 days. The next day, I felt already much much much better. So six days later, on the 15th around 18:00, my roof appeared to opened it self and an angel came into my room. She said: “You are free now. You can do what ever you want. Use it wisely”. A bit flabbergasted, I said: “can you repeat that?” She repeated: “You are free now. You can do what ever you want. Use it wisely”. She dissapeared and the roof closed.  A bit confused, I went down stairs and took a cup of tea and went to bed. The next morning, I felt something coming out of the core of my being. with a little voice talking like a demon: “I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, etc.”. It took like one minute to completely to go away. I still felt so much negative energy aorund me, I went standing under a very cold shower and screamed as long as needed to really get this energy from me. Since then, I feel truly free. My understanding of life has changed, like my course as well. I didn’t feel the necessity to have social media anymore and also my competitive drive for material things as well for money was gone right away.

A bit further in time, around the 6 of July 2019 my whole life was upside down again. At the same time, I lost my house; I lost my room in Portugal and almost lost my company and lost most of my friends and acquaintances.  The outburst reached it’s maximum when one of the persons truly being against me all the time threatened me to write an article about what happened. That was around 9-14h of July 2019. She wanted to putt an end to me and finish me off. The day that the article would be published was 16th of July.  It felt for me like the this mob was again in front of my existence. 

The 16th of July was the day it was full moon. I went into the woods and stayed there for the night. I suddenly realized that it was that night 101 years ago, that this version of me was murdered in Jekaterinaburg, Russia.  It felt so relieving that I was there, in the middle of trees again. So everytime with full moon I go into nature. To be a bit more closer to myself and to mother earth.

Just like the native peoples

So when the curse was gone, I was free again. But how to use it wisely? That kept me quite busy for some time since that day in april of 2019. I decided to move to Portugal to be amongst people who believed me, who unconditional embraced me, people who took me in and who took care of me while I was grabbing all the pieces of my existence together again.

Most Portuguese people supported me when I told my story, while most of Dutch (LGBTIQA+) people called me a fraud,  assumed that I had gone crazy or just have left to Portugal taking the money of the Foundation with me. So recentely I decided to become Portuguese. So that one day, I am able to serve the people that still know what honor, humbleness and true magic is. People who are ruled by a deep believe in God instead of a deep believe in money. With this citizenship I can and I will run for president of the Republic of Portugal.

In the months after april, I traveled back and forth to the Netherlands and Portugal. At the same time and for the first time in my whole life I was truly happy and making true friends. They all started call me Anastasia without even me asking them to do that. I feel that they really felt that I am truly who I say I was. At the same time, I needed to give this all what happened a spot in my heart and mind.

Then four weeks ago, all of the sudden one of my spiritual coaches called me and asked me if I already changed my names. I told her that once again her timing was perfect. She asked me: “Habit of mine, haha” I answered that I was doubting and its kind of blocked me. “What does your heart tell you?”. I answered: That I want to change my names”. “So, do it!”

“In short my initials are: Y.A.H.W.E.H. R. Because however you put it, in the end, with unconditonal love, God of the Light Reigns”Catharina anastasiaROMANOV Van Oranje-nassau


And so I changed my names once again.  I already told my clients in the last few weeks about my new names. And they accepted it all right away. One of them said: “Well it is like with the native peoples: a new life phase means also new names”. And that is how It is.

So my new names are:

Yecatharina Anastasia Henriqua Wilhelmijne Elisabeth Hubregtje Raenate 

While this is a bit much for daily use, I shortened it a bit to: Catharina Anastasia and started to use as family names Romanov van Oranje-Nassau. The names are an contribution to my journey opening my heart, able to remove all magic and find the love of my life in my heart. The initials are: Y.A.H.W.E.H. R. which is a contribution of my journey into the spiritual world, of the brightness and beauty of the universe and a dedication to God. Because if you have the courage, trust, hope and positive mind in the end love brings you where “The Light Reigns”. 

And a special attention is there for my mother of this life, Reina, who was born in Friesland in a area called Moskov and Petersbur. She taught me to always stand up for another human being without asking anything. To always realize myself how privilegded I was being born in good circumstances and therefore share the wealth of my soul freely to those who are not able. She also taught me to follow my heart, to be independent and courageous. And so as a retribution to my mother and a little reminder for my self, no to become too “hubris”, I chose the names Hubregtje Raenate (hub ~ spirit, bregtje ~ bright, Renate of Renata ~ rebirth or Reinate of Rey nata ~ born Queen).

The beginning…

So, this is als the reason why the Genderwende foundation has a new name, a new website and a new board. Take a look at We want to be there for all people who truly use their freedom of expression and the freedom of weltanschauung to become their autonomous self and help others with unconditonal love. I hope you all will support our cause with the same enthusiasm as with Gendertalent. Be inspired and let’s make the world a bit more full of love together. Because that is the true magic.

This the beginning of a new adventure of Catharina Anastasia. Hopefully we’ll meet again! And let me make a promise to all spiritual and transgender people around the world:

Catharina Anastasia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau

Catharina Anastasia Romanov van Oranje-Nassau
Chair of the Catharina Anastasia Foundation
& Director of The Peoples Freedom Company

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    1. thank you Bernadette <3 Without your help I would never made through this period of time. grateful we met!

      Catharina Anastasia - May 19, 2020
      1. Dear caTharina anastasia, thank you for sharing Your story with me. I ofteN think of you and I am glad you found a happy place to live in portugal. Take care!

        PieteR - July 1, 2020
        1. Thank you Pieter! that is very kind. It was quite an evening at your house. Needed to leave something new for in the book ;). Maybe we should make a writers group or so. <3

          Catharina Anastasia - July 4, 2020
  2. Thank you very much!

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